Friday, January 7, 2011

Three Girls, Three Heads

Okay...... so I once said that God truly does have a sense of humor because He gave me three daughters....three heads to do. For the most part, I braid the girls hair because it really helps during the week not having to do their hair every morning. But let me tell you, doing their hair is a pro-duc-tion! It all starts with washing their hair. Afterward, I like to blow dry their hair because it makes it easier to comb through  for braiding and parting. This is how they look when their hair is blown out:

I can almost never do both of their heads in the same day. So I did SnuggleBunny's hair on Sunday night and then I did LoveBug's hair on Monday after school. It takes me about 2-3 hours to braid each of their heads, (we usually watch a movie) depending upon the intricacy of the hair style. Though the work is intensive (they both have sensitive heads), the rewards are well worth it. It means that I don't have to touch their heads for 2-3 weeks and that makes a very happy mommy! Here are the finished results:

I love my girls, so spending those long arduous hours doing their hair is indeed a labor of love. On another note, BabyLove doesn't require much at this point, which I love! Here she is at the mercy of her big sisters:

~E. RaMona