Monday, January 3, 2011

Count Down to Noon

The girls and I had a blast at our YMCA's event, "Count Down to Noon." Basically it was a fun filled event scheduled on December 31st which started at 10am and lasted until noon. There were so many activities like rock climbing, face painting, tumbling, arts & crafts, and the list goes on. At about 10 minutes till noon, they called all of the children to the center of the gymnasium and then we all participated in a countdown till 12 pm. It was so exciting! It felt like the real thing! Once noon struck, they released two huge tarps from the ceiling which contained candy, confetti, and rubber bracelets inscribed with the Y's core values. We had a blast! I love my girls and I love my Y!

Waiting in line for the Moon Bounce


 Hey! You dropped one!

 Waiting for face painting

Face painting

The end result: A Snow Bear


 The "Y" Guy

Rock climbing 

Rock climber #2


 Nothing like having a sister

 Plate Spinning

This is what dropped from the ceiling at noon

29 seconds left!

 Waiting expectantly

 Finding her treasure

Yes, they threw it on me

I wouldn't have it any other way. Fun times!
~E. RaMona