Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank God it's Friday!

This has been an amazingly trying week, what with the snow storm, and all. Let's see, I have been utterly sleepless due to BabyLove's double ear infection; it has reemerged. She is on her third antibiotic, (the first two didn't work). She literally cries all night. I know it's painful for her (me too). One of the worst "aches" you can have is an earache which runs neck and neck with toothaches. Which brings me to my other topic. I have two teeth that  I seriously need to get filled. Why do I keep putting it off? If it were one of the girls, I would've handled it right away.....

Despite all of my many adventures this week, Joyce Meyer's Never Give Up is completely revolutionizing my life. I mean really! All these accounts of determined individuals, who despite insurmountable obstacles, have persevered and made their dreams come true, is soooo encouraging to me. This book is causing me to reexamine anything that I ever thought was impossible, tough, difficult, and hard. Just reading these accounts, causes me to want to "step up" and realized that though every situation is not "good", all situations work together for my good in order to build my character and carve me into the woman that God has designed for me to be. I want my daughters to become remarkable women and like so many who have come before me, I am trying to learn the lessons in order to pave the way for them. Anywho....

I am excited for this weekend. The girls have their ballet/tap class tomorrow morning and I GET TO GO TO ZUMBA!!!!! I love this class! Have any of you tried it? If not, sign up right away. If you love to dance, (which I do), you'll love this class. the fact that you're burning calories and increasing your endurance is just icing on the cake. Zumba anyone?

What are your plans for the weekend?

~E. RaMona