Monday, September 13, 2010

School is Definitely in Session

Well friends, last week sparked the beginning of another school year. LoveBug has entered the first grade and SnuggleBunny has entered kindergarten and BabyLove is....well she's still doing much of the same and is now 7 months old.

Before school started, we attended their respective open houses and orientations. Amazingly enough, SB appeared to be a little braver than LB. She was so excited to see her new school, and to put her supplies away in her new cubby. She made new friends and even memorized her lunch number. 

LB however, was a little taken aback because of how big her new school is. She clung to me during the entire orientation and on the first day, she didn't want me to leave. The fact that she made a new friend early on helped to ease some of the anxiety she was feeling. 

Overall, things have gotten off to a pretty good start. They seem to like their teachers and I'm excited to what the new school year will bring. Here are some pics from their open house, orientation, and first day.