Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Redemption, (Oh What Love)!

Sooo, this past weekend, I attended Good Friday Services and of course Easter, (resurrection) Sunday. I know that as a Christians we can get caught up in the mundane practices of going to church on Easter weekend.....it's just something we do, you know?

However, when I sat in the Good Friday service, one of the ministers said something that was so simple, yet so profound. He said, "the common thread throughout the entire Bible, is Redemption and Reconciliation." I don't know, but it just hit me out of nowhere, and I was completely overwhelmed by God's extreme love for us, (me). The plan all along has been for God to reconcile man back to him, in order to experience/enjoy the relationship we were meant to have from the beginning. God literally figured out a way to do it, to redeem us, and reconcile us back to him......
I think about this when.....

I am unforgiving to others
I feel like God is nowhere to be found
When I can't feel him
When I fret about the uncertainty of the future
I become complacent in my relationship w/Christ

I have to keep in mind, that the gift of salvation was planned before the foundations of the world were ever joined together. I know that I will never fully understand the entire scope of what "Jesus dying for the sins of all man, past present, and future," means, but may I never become comfortable with the cross and take for granted what my Savior did for me."Jesus went to calvary to save a wretch like you and me, that's love!"