Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It Happened to Me

Well, even as I write this I am still fuming from the injustice that was done to me and my girls yesterday.

After work I went to the Walmart down the street from my home to purchase diapers for the baby and toilet paper for the house. Well, my total came to about $32 and much to my dismay, my check card was rejected. I tried again, still rejected. I then tried to use the ATM, and again, yep you guessed it, rejected again. I frantically called my bank to see how much my reported balance was, and I almost choked when I heard fifteen dollars and sixty two cents.

I hurried the kids into the car and made my way to TD Bank to find out what was going on. Upon my arrival at the bank and after speaking to the Customer Service Rep, I found out that I was the latest victim of identity theft. The perpetrators completely cleaned put my  account!

I was so hurt, angry, and upset all at the same time. What hurts more than anything is my stark realization of this cruel and callous world that we live in. Whoever stole my name and card numbers could care less about the diapers that I need for my baby or the spending money that I promised my five year old daughter for her school trip to the Zoo tomorrow.

Warning friends: please be careful about online purchasing. Apparently this is happening more and more frequent these days. The good news is that the bank will be able to get my money back.......hopefully by the end of this week.

~E. RaMona