Monday, August 23, 2010

My Middle Me

Soooo, my SnuggleBunny is going to enter kindergarten pretty soon, and I'm realizing that this is no small feat. My oldest daughter started kindergarten last year and that was a big deal as well. They're growing so quickly....

Well my SnuggleBunny is all sorts of nervous about entering kindergarten. She has asked me a million and one questions already. I can tell she's really excited about it though. Today, as we were out purchasing more school uniforms, she turned to me and asked, " you think I'm gonna have friends at my new school?" My response to her was a confident, "I know you will." I really am  excited for her and all of the things she will learn this year, and all of the new friends she will make.

Well this post is a "to be continued," because you know I will be back with first day pics.