Sunday, September 28, 2008

Girls Weekend

Well, call me crazy, but I did it...I had five girls with me the entire weekend. See, two of my neices are celebrating their birthdays, so I had them over for the weekend along with their little sister. Snuggle Bunny and Love Bug like it when their cousins visit, so it was a real treat. I treated the oldest two to a couple of outfits for their birthdays and we just did girly things over the weekend, i.e. watched movies, (Bring It On, Bring It On: All Or Nothing, the Cheetah Girls) Whew! If I never see another teeny bopper movie again it will be too soon. Now is it me or was I a bit more into the movies than the girls were--he he? Well it was fun and I realized that I need to get my neices more often. Spending time with them, reminds me of being a a nostalgic sort of way. Oh yeah, the age ranges were: 11, 9, 5, 4, and 3. Today is Sunday and I made it through the weekend. Well in total there were six females here this weekend....which brings me to another point. My cat is crazy, (I know random right?)

Now I have been thinking it for some time now, but I am convinced that he is undoubtedly, unreservedly, and certifiably in need of ritalin. No seriously, can a cat have ADHD? I think mine does. He has ruined my sofa, he jumps at the girls, he runs around the house like he is in the "wild" or someone is chasing him. He sits on the counter and the dining table, (a big no-no), he eats my plants, knocks things over in the middle of the night, (causing a loud bang or thud)......but I love him. I have been for some time now thinking of getting rid of him, but I think I will keep him. He is technically still a kitten, and maybe these are just growing pains...maybe....I sure hope so.

-Alaiyo ♥