Monday, June 9, 2014

Life and Loss...

Hello Monday:

I received news this morning that someone that I knew fairly well went home to be with the Lord yesterday. I am a bit shocked. She was young. I remember one of the last times that I saw her, I was giving her a ride home. She was going through a rather difficult life transition, and I remember playing one of my "Gospel mix" cd's as we rode in the car. Despite her current circumstances, her spirits were high, (and she looked fabulous)! We sang. We talked about juicing and eating healthy. We talked about make up. We talked about what it is like to give your all in a particular battle, and then having peace with God, knowing that you did all that you could do.  She LOVED the Lord. She had an infectious laugh. She was a sweet spirit and now she is resting well with the One who made her. 

We don't always understand why God allows certain things to happen, nor can we comprehend His plan, but we trust Him. My heart is a bit heavy, but I know where she is.

Keep singing Jonette and rest in God's perfect peace :-)

Jonette DeVeauxbray Grayson

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