Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Conversations With A Lady Bug

So my youngest baby is 4 years old now, and she really does say the darnedest things. Last night when we were eating, we had an exchange that went like this:

"LadyBug: You cook good *drops spoon* Lord Jesus!
Me: Don't say that!
LadyBug: Why? He's a praying man. Don't you get that?!?
Me: Huh???
LadyBug: Wait. Don't you preach? Oh, never mind..."

I told one of my good friends last night that this lil lady says things to me sometimes, and I'm just stumped. I mean speechless! Even when she is in trouble, she knows how to deflect and change the subject by saying something that will either make me laugh or scratch my head. She really is something else.....


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