Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greater Than

Oh my goodness! Mr Tribbett does not disappoint! A lot of people have been waiting on the latest album from Tye Tribbett, (I pre-ordered mine on iTunes). You know, there are just some artist, that I know without a doubt, will receive my support, by way of an album purchase. I love this album!

Already my favorite song is titled, "What Can I Do" featuring KJ Scriven, you can experience him here. Maaaaan! I can't keep still when I listen and I get frustrated when I listen to it in the car, and can't fully extend my arms heavenward in worship, (I gotta get a convertible, lol!). Some of the word to the song are:

I can't walk without you
     I can't talk without you
          I can't sing without you
               I'm nothing without you
                        I can't live without you
                                  I can't breath without you
                                             I can't be without you
                                                       There's no me without you

I wanna jump and leap and cry when I listen to this song. It's that serious! I can't wait to experience this in concert.....yeah, I'm going....whenever that's going to be!


~E. RaMona