Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Do You Believe God For???

so, it's almost 8am on a Sunday morning and I should be getting ready for church, (i will). the girls aren't up yet and my mind is just brimming with ideas for this script that i am writing. as i sit here and write though, i realize that this vision that i have is pretty big or grand, dare i say. ironically though, it doesn't scare me, it actually encourages me. the bigger this vision becomes the more i realize my total need to rely upon God and his favor.

there are some things in life which we can look back on and say, "i did that," but then there are those things that we KNOW didn't come to fruition because of how smart we are or how savvy and well connected we've become. there are those that that we looked at and said, "Lord if you don't do it, it won't get done." that's not to say that WE sit back, twiddle our thumbs and expect a miracle. it just means that we do our part, we continue to work, but we know that God plays a major role in the "thing" happening.  Faith without works is truly a dead faith.

i believe God for the impossible, because i know that with Him, all things are possible. i believe that He has a way of orchestrating things in such a way that when they do happen, you look at it and, "now i KNOW that was God."

this morning i am so grateful for the gifts and talents that He has given me and the undying creativity, passion, and pull that He has placed in my heart. even though i can't see the end, He has give me a glimpse of what is possible and i BELIEVE that it will come to pass!

happy Sunday everybody!

~E. RaMona