Friday, April 1, 2011

Saturday 9 -- Hey Nineteen

1. What was the best thing about being 19? I dated two "older men" that was interesting.

2. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity? I had to hang out with either my best girlfriend, down South Street in in Philly or my best guy friend driving for hours to nowhere in particular.

3. Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when...(now or then?)...well if "then", than I was embarrassed by nothing...

4. Name 3 fads from your teenage years. Since that encompasses years 13-19...I remember when people wore cleats for fashion and not sports. I hated when everybody started using NY slang. I don't want to offend anyone, but I hate referring to one's significant other as "Boo"..for me that is. I have never been a "Boo" and I will never have any. I'd much rather have/be a "Sweetie" or "Babe"

5. What's the best birthday present you've ever had? The best birthday present was probably going to NY to see The Lion King, or when I turned 30 and finally got my Sister Locks, even though at 31, they're gone now.

6. What's your oldest possession? My Mother, lol!

7. Do you have any phobias? Don't know if it is a phobia or not...but I cannot stand the sight of mice!

8. This is pretty much the start of Spring (regardless of the snow in the east this week!); what's on your to-do list for the next few weeks to transition away from this long Winter we've been having? I definitely want to partake in my Spring Cleaning. I want to get back into the gym, and I want to become more open minded about dating..... we'll see about the last one, lol!

9. Which of the 50 states in the U.S. would you rather die than live in? I don't even want to answer this one....

~E. RaMona