Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today, I am reminded of just how blessed I truly am. This day did not start off as one that I felt supremely excited about. For starters......

I didn't get enough sleep
I woke up with a headache
I was running late
All three of my children are sick (two cases of strep throat and one cold)
I was late to work
It has been raining all day
My attitude has not been too cheery
The work day has dragged by sooooo slowly....but then.....

I had to sit back and just think....
I thought about the fact that .....

I have a bed to sleep in
I have a home with running water, food, clothing...all of my essential needs
I have a job
I have a car to transport me to work
I have eyes and ears to actually see and hear the rain
In the grand scheme of things, all of my children are healthy
I am sane and I have my wits about me

Sometimes I can really get down on myself and want to throw a pity party where I am the only one who shows up. You see, I am not yet where I want to be in life, but then again who is? I need to remember to be grateful for all of the things that I do have, and keep in mind, (and in prayer) those who are less fortunate than myself and encountering tremendous loss in their lives. #40 on  Regina Brett's 50 Life Lessons is "If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back." Put's things into perspective, huh? Well, it does for me.

So, I have joy, even though I don't always feel happy, and I'll get to where I'm going, as long as I keep moving. I love my children and my family. God willing, tomorrow is another chance to "get it right."

I have missed you guys. All of you, in your own unique ways have encouraged me when you didn't even know it.

Happy Hump day Friends!

~E. RaMona