Monday, October 6, 2008

Small Victories!!!

Well...Love Bug is finally able to swing on her own. Now this victory is bitter-sweet one. While I am happy that she is now able to do it on her own, a small part of me knows that she will no longer need me as her designated "pusher" and that reality is a little saddening. After all, as parents, we want our children to slowly and appropriately move toward independence but this happened so fast. Last week I started telling her how to make herself go higher, you know legs, out and in?
Well today, she was able to do it all by herself. She started off kind of slowly but before I knew it, she was going pretty high. Since Snuggle Bunny and Love Bug have turned three and four, I have heard the declaration, "I can do it by myself," more than I care to count. I know that I have to let them try things on their own, but I still need them to need me, and I know they do. I know I sound like a babbling mom, but I really am happy and proud of Love Bug. She's so excited and this small victory has been a major confidence booster for her "big girl" status. Well... Snuggle Bunny still needs me to help her, but probably not for long. I noticed the look of admiration as she watched her big sister go higher and higher.....

-Alaiyo ♥