Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Book Club

I am very excited because I have FINALLY joined a book club! Those who know me, know that I love to read. I have loved the written word ever since I was a young girl. For me, reading provides an escape to a place that I might have not otherwise had privilege or pleasure of traveling to. No really, one of my most favorite places visit, is a book store. (Oh I walk in and feel at peace...) That being said, I have wanted to become apart of a book club. I tried several times in the past and it never quite happened...but now it has, YAY!!! It's really amazing the way it happened. I was invited, (over a period of time) to join a certain book club. The ironic thing, is that two people, who I know separately, (or so I thought) invited me to join the same book club. Yes, I took it as a sign, and yes I decided to join, and yes I am adding another thing to my plate, but this is a good thing. I am an avid reader anyhow, and as I see it, being able to share my love of reading with other women is an added bonus. Just to let you all know, November's book selection is, That Faith, That Trust, That Love, by Jamellah Ellis.

I have received word that the author will be present at the discussion (she is sister-in-law- to one of the book club members). Already, I'm spoiled. I can't wait!

-Alaiyo ♥